Powering the Future

Lithium Batteries for golf carts

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  • Zero Maintenance

    Never add water again! No more acid spills, smells, or corroded terminals.

  • More Power

    More power and longer run times. Whatever you need powered, our lithium batteries and proprietary BMS can handle it with ease.

  • 5X lighter

    5X lighter than lead acid, 3X smaller footprint, and 2X the run time.

  • 8 Year Warranty

    10X the life span of lead acid batteries. Spend less time replacing batteries, and more time out having fun.


Give your cart a massive boost in torque and speed with Eco Battery lithium. Our proprietary BMS can handle any motor and controller upgrades without skipping a beat.


Eco Batteries are a direct replacement for many trolling motor batteries. At 1/4 the weight of Lead Acid, with 2x the power, you will be assured of more speed , power and time fishing on the lake.


Built for use in RVs, campers, van builds, our deep cycle lithium batteries deliver huge power in a small size. Our patented battery cases allow more amp hours per cubic inch than any other lithium battery.

The reviews are in...

"Love my new lithium golf cart Battery.

Now I can play all day and not have to worry

about making it home from the golf course.

Thank you Eco Battery !"

"Super excited about my lithium Eco Battery.

Still can't believe I replaced 6 batteries with 1 Eco Battery,

and it seems to last forever on a single charge."

"Eco Battery lithium is a total game changer. I love the added
power, and now my golf cart can run for days between charges.

Stop thinking about it and just get an Eco Battery."